Relax Now - Easy Relaxation With Breathing

4.8 ( 1958 ratings )
開発者 Ozay Demirezen

​Relax Now - Easy Relaxation With Breathing helps you do breathing exercise and makes you feel relaxed. Set your breathe speed, choose a background (among six options) and set your relaxing sound (among twenty options). With the help of exercise animations (combinations of three options), you can easily do your breathing exercise. You can customize time of animations periods by measuring your own inhale and exhale periods.

Relax Now - Easy Relaxation With Breathing includes following relaxing sounds;
Rain, Rainstorm, Nightingale, Cricket and Frog, Chaffinch, Ocean Waves, Light Waves, Forest Walk, Wind, Coast Waves.

Following sounds will be unlocked if the ads are removed;
Meditation Sound 1, Meditation Sound 2, Smooth Rain, Cricket, Rain with Birds, Sea Waves, River, Countryside, Hail, Forest.